CGV is a full-service sports management, marketing & consulting agency focused on the South Asian and DMV Basketball Communities.

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representing talented and ambitious players


South Asian origin


About US

Clutch Group Ventures is a basketball talent intermediary with a clear mission.

Our company focuses on scouting, developing, and representing talented and ambitious players. Our main purpose is working with minority players, particularly those of South Asian origin. We are passionate about all things related to the sport of basketball and would like to enable athletes within India to unleash and highlight their true potential at a national and international level. Throughout our professional careers, we have fostered professional relationships with Professional athletes, coaches, trainers across the globe alike building integral rapport with them.

CGV is connected, cross-cultural and focused on development

Co-Founders Nash Brahmbhatt and Kal Lodha, have strong backgrounds with many connections in India and USA.

Born and raised in Nadiad, India ▪ Migrated to Washington DC and grew up a DC sports fanatic ▪ Graduated from the University of Maryland College Park (2004) ▪ Started working with professional athletes as a Business Manager/Risk Management (2008) ▪ Started a bespoke consulting company focused on athlete's management needs (2013) ▪ Currently serving as Co- Founder and Managing Director of Clutch Group Ventures (2019 – Present) – recruited and worked with 80+ professional NBA, NFL, and MLB players
Nash Brahmbhatt
Born and raised in Mumbai, India ▪ Migrated to Washington DC and grew up a DC sports fanatic ▪ Graduated with Honors from the University of Maryland College Park (2001) ▪ Started his 1st company (2006) ▪ Has worked in the Global Enterprise Technology space for over 15 years ▪ Started a bespoke consulting company focused on the Hospitality Industry (2016) ▪ Currently serving as Co- Founder and Managing Director of Clutch Group Ventures (2019 – Present)
Kal Lodha


CGV is a Basketball intermediary delivering the following services


Identifying talent and opportunity to place them in the right situation academically and athletically


-Advising on physical and performance development
-Advising on personal and career development

Representing (on-court and off-court)

- Sourcing professional Basketball teams and assistance negotiating contracts with our network of agents and contacts across the globe
- Sourcing relevant additional marketing/charitable opportunities
We have an advantage in the marketplace because of our mix of cultural background, experience, our expertise in talent identification and our approach to performance development.


Our service is for Basketball players who wish to develop as professional athletes in the USA/Australia/Europe/Canada. We are focused on proven male and female players aged 14-22 and are in process of creating a comprehensive bespoke international database which allows us to contact and track candidates.

Awareness and Reputation

Inbound contacts are increasing following our broadcast/ online publicity and word of mouth referrals, as awareness and interest in our concept spreads.

Other Initiatives

We are currently developing following
-2022 Sponsoring basketball tournament in Chandigarh, India
- 2020/2023 CGV Basketball Academy with New Public School (NPS) in Chandigarh, India.
- 2023 events in various cities across India to scout, and showcase talented prospects

CGV is supported by a

trusted network of associates

Our Co-Founders have created a dream team of former NBA players, coaches, and trainers from around the globe with their professional contacts. Members on the team own basketball teams in other countries and have built basketball leagues/grassroots programs from the ground up. Team also has experienced professionals who can help in the assessment and development of players – in scouting, sport science and sports medicine – as well as in sponsorship and commercial aspects. Many of whom are ex- NBA players that have the resources and understanding to help us grow.

We are prioritizing the identification and placement of talent in the USA, India, Australia, Canada, and Africa.

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